Divorce Coaching FAQ'S


Can you help even if I have an attorney?

Yes! My job is not to give legal advice but practical and expert advice in order for you to work more efficiently with your attorney.  Most attorneys carry a fairly large caseload with 50-60 active clients or more at any given time.  The more you can do for yourself and your case the more efficient they will be and the less money it will cost you. This is where divorce coaching can help the most. 

What if I don't have an attorney?

It is not always necessary to have an attorney depending on your situation and you may not be able to afford one either. While I cannot give you legal advice I can help you with the emotional component, provide you with insight regarding preparing an agreement, financial considerations, parenting plans and give you expert practical advice to try minimize costly modifications in the future.  

Can I keep my house?

The question is not whether or not you can keep your house it is do you even want to? Can you afford to keep your house on your own?  Will you have the money to refinance and buy out your spouse? Can you afford the mortgage, taxes and all of the upkeep and repairs in the future, do you want to hold on to the past or start out fresh on your own. 

How will I afford to live, I have been a stay at home parent

Most states have a formula used for purposes of maintenance(alimony) and child support.  For maintenance it will depend on the incomes of the parties and the length of the marriage.  Keep in mind the court may impute income to you even if it is only minimum wage.  For child support they will use income, including maintenance(alimony) if any, number of overnights with each parent, who is paying health insurance for the children and how much and any other extraordinary expenses for the children. These are guideline amounts but most courts will adhere to them.  You may be able to find worksheets on your courts website.

Will I be ok?

Of course you will.  If you think about it you have survived every difficulty you have ever had in your life so why should this be any different.  This may be one of the most difficult times in your life but you will survive and thrive.  You do not have to do this alone, I will hold your hand and provide the comfort and advice you need until you are able to reclaim you again. 

What are your fees?

Depending on what your needs are they are based on an hourly or retainer basis. My rates begin as low as $80 per hour.  But can be broken down in 15 min. increments if you just need a quick text or email consult.