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Angela Barber has been a family law professional for 21 years and is an expert in her field.  In addition to her vast professional experience Angela has significant personal experience as well. Angela is the author of START HERE: YOUR GUIDE THROUGH DIVORCE AND RECOVERY available on Amazon now. Her book will provide you with insider information to help you navigate the process, save time and money and offer you advice to assist you on your journey from start to finish and beyond. 


How Can I Help

Divorce can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.  My mission is to walk the path of dissolution with you and provide you with the emotional support that is sometimes hard to find.  As your coach I will provide practical and expert advice as you embark on this most difficult journey. I will provide you with organizational tools to help minimize the emotional and financial cost as well.   



  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Emotional Support
  • Instructional forms to keep you organized every step of the way
  • Personalized Program for Managing Your Divorce and Recovery
  • Document Assistance (Colorado)
  • Notary (Colorado)
  • Available for speaking engagements


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My Divorce Coach International

Getting Started


If you are still thinking about divorce or separation and want more details about the process and whether either is right for you, I will provide you with complete information and alternatives.  Divorce is not always the answer.

Getting Organized


In order to reduce costs and stress it is important to be as organized as possible. I will provide you with a checklist for before during and after to help keep you on track.

Finding the Right Attorney


It is extremely important to find the right attorney for you and not just the first one that pops up on Google or the cheapest one.  I will provide you with insider information to assist you in the process and referrals in the Denver area.



Where will you get the money for an attorney, how can I afford this? The question is how can you not if its the right thing for you.  I will provide you with a financial checklist and suggestions to help you use your attorney as efficiently as possible to save on costs, and depending on your situation most or all of your fees could be paid by the other party.



If you have children this will be the most difficult part of your divorce.  Your actions now will set the tone and example for your children for years to come.  I am passionate about helping you get your children through this with minimal emotional damage.  I will provide you with expert advice to minimize the impact and use my expertise to help create a parenting plan that will help reduce future modifications

Taking Care of You


Do not forget about yourself.  It is easy to get caught up in the anger and bitterness of the situation and forget to take care of yourself.  You must take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally as the process will take a toll on you.  I will provide you with tools for empowerment, exercises and daily affirmations to help get you to the other side.